1. Neptune's Lair

  2. Scopex 1998 – 2000
    Various Artists

  3. Dreams

  4. Ratio Sound Trials
    The Fear Ratio

  5. 333 Mirrors

  6. Free Your Mind
    Jensen Interceptor x DeFeKT

  7. Black Majik
    The AM

  8. Phase Three
    Minimal Violence

  9. Ideoma

  10. GRV Vol. 3
    TV Victor

  11. GRV Vol.2
    TV Victor

  12. Voices
    Israel Vines

  13. 124
    Donato Dozzy

  14. Againstnature
    Regis / Female

  15. Tresor 30
    Various Artists

  16. The Final Frontier (Nomadico Remix)
    Underground Resistance

  17. Diffusus

  18. CAN'T STOP

  19. Sputters
    LNS & DJ Sotofett

  20. Curtains
    Sophia Saze

  21. 3MB feat. Magic Juan Atkins
    3MB feat. Magic Juan Atkins

  22. Dualism EP

  23. Awakening From The Illusory Self

  24. The 606 (Single Edit)
    LNS & DJ Sotofett

  25. Le Confort Electronique
    Donato Dozzy

  26. Transmutation
    Huey Mnemonic

  27. Phase Two
    Minimal Violence

  28. Fosph EP
    DJ Deep

  29. From The Far Future Pt.3
    Terrence Dixon

  30. Kern, Vol. 5: Mixed by Helena Hauff
    Helena Hauff

  31. Phase One
    Minimal Violence

  32. Trust

  33. Existenz

  34. Siklikal EP
    James Ruskin

  35. Point 2
    James Ruskin

  36. Autonomic Pilot
    Shawn Rudiman

  37. Captagon
    Rod Modell

  38. Moondance
    TV Victor

  39. Revised Recordings EP

  40. A Moment Before

  41. Synthesis
    Claudia Anderson

  42. Internal Empire
    Robert Hood

  43. Master Builder
    Robert Hood

  44. Skynet
    Infiniti aka Juan Atkins

  45. Filo Loves The Acid
    Donato Dozzy

  46. Magnet EP

  47. The Residue
    Manni Dee

  48. We Take It From Here
    Thomas Fehlmann / Terrence Dixon ‎

  49. Conic Sections
    XOR Gate

  50. Instant / Apart
    Second Woman

  51. Transport Remixed
    Juan Atkins & Moritz von Oswald present Borderland

  52. Body Reflections Pt.2

  53. Angles
    Juan Atkins & Moritz von Oswald present Borderland

  54. Anguilla Electrica
    Porter Ricks

  55. Like A Thief In The Night EP
    Terrence DIxon

  56. Photon Belt
    Jonas Kopp

  57. Body Reflections Pt.1

  58. Dreamy Harbour
    Various Artists

  59. Disintegrating Sand EP
    Mike Parker

  60. Shadow Boat EP
    Porter Ricks

  61. KERN VOL.3 – The Exclusives
    Various Artists

  62. KERN VOL.3 – The Rarities

  63. Kern, Vol. 3: Mixed by Objekt

  64. Vibrations

  65. Four Sides Of Truth EP

  66. Transport
    Juan Atkins & Moritz von Oswald present Borderland

  67. Doppler Shift Pt.1

  68. Parsons Hill EP

  69. Mind Over Positive And Negative Dimensional Matter

  70. Borderland
    Juan Atkins & Moritz von Oswald

  71. The Tresor EP
    Mike Huckaby

  72. The Ways Of The Bodies / Timeless Decceleration
    TV Victor

  73. The Dash
    James Ruskin

  74. The Opening Of The Cerebral Gate

  75. Waveform Transmission Vol.3
    Jeff Mills


Tresor Records Berlin, Germany

When Tresor opened on March 13th 1991 in a shack on Potsdamer Platz, beneath which the vault of the Wertheim department store lay, no one would have thought that from there would arise an institution that one day would celebrate 30 years of existence.

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